#02. Upload to Arduino

Note This is a web-version of a tutorial chapter embedded right into the XOD IDE. To get a better learning experience we recommend to install the desktop IDE or start the browser-based IDE, and you’ll see the same tutorial there.

Let’s learn how to upload your patch with the node to Arduino! For an example we’re going to use the welcome-to-xod/02-deploy patch. Although the process is the same for any patch.


Test circuit


↓ Download as a Fritzing project

Instructions for the desktop IDE

  1. Connect an Arduino to your computer.
  2. Hit “Deploy → Upload to Arduino” from the main menu.
  3. Select your board model and the port it is connected to, then click “Upload”.

Upload to Arduino

Instructions for the browser IDE

The browser version does not have permissions to access USB-ports. So you can’t upload directly. However, you can use an existing Arduino IDE installation to do this.

  1. Assemble the circuit according to the picture above.
  2. Generate Arduino source code of your first program. To do this, hit “Deploy → Show Code for Arduino”. Select all code and copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Launch Arduino IDE and paste the code copied as is.
  4. Select a proper port and board in the “Tools” menu.
  5. Click the “Upload” button on the toolbar.
Note If you’ve previously seen what code to blink an LED looks like for Arduino, you might be astonished looking at the amount of code produced by XOD. Don’t worry — most of it is code for the XOD runtime environment, which actually creates little overhead after compilation. You don't need to understand how it actually works. For now, think of it as a black box.

Upload via Arduino IDE

Feedback Have a problem with uploading? Please report it on our forum. Describe what you're doing, what you expect to get, and what you actually get. We will help.

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