#19. If-else branching

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All the comparison nodes return true or false.

Let’s imagine that you need to turn the servo to a certain angle, for instance to 45° when you receive true, and to 135° when you receive false. How can we make that work?

There is an if-else node in xod/core. The COND pin of this node checks the boolean input value. If COND receives true, the node sets the value from the T pin to the R pin. When it receives false, it sets the value from the F pin to the R pin.


Now simply set the T value to 0.25 and the F value to 0.75 to make things work.

Test circuit


↓ Download as a Fritzing project

Now, if the comparison condition is true, the servo will turn to the angle from the T pin of the if-else node or, otherwise, to the angle set in the F pin of the same node.

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