#26. Showing Text on LCD

Note This is a web-version of a tutorial chapter embedded right into the XOD IDE. To get a better learning experience we recommend to install the desktop IDE or start the browser-based IDE, and you’ll see the same tutorial there.

Brace yourself, because we are about to learn about the text-lcd-16x2 node! If you haven’t already guessed, this node is used to control 16x2 LCD screens.

Now, let’s concentrate on the two constant-string nodes. These nodes contain and transmit data of type string. Yellow is used to indicate string type pins and links. A string is just another name for a line of ordinary text. This sentence is a string!


Test circuit

Warning Be careful, there are many connections so chances to make a mistake are high. If you see no text, double check all connections and rotate the potentiometer to adjust contrast.


↓ Download as a Fritzing project



You should now see “Hello world!” displayed on the screen. Cool? Try to display your own message on the screen.

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