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This is a simple program, turns on and off the LED, this parameter is SET.
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This example describes how to use the datetime and ds-rtc libraries, format date and time values, and work with real-time clock (RTC) modules for Arduino. Upon the completion of this guide, you will learn how to create a simple digital clock based on a DS1307 I2C RTC module and I2C LCD display.
2023-04-08 ⋯ 3 versions ⋯ 2023-04-10
This is a modified library of digital clocks for LCD 1602 with support for Russian characters. The original project from XOD "Digital Clock Example — Working with RTC Modules" was taken as a basis. If you wish, you can contact me via Google mail.
2023-04-10 ⋯ 3 versions ⋯ 2023-04-11
It became necessary to create a filament counter for your 3d printer. During the writing of the program, I created a new multiplication node. I used the hall sensor and the ssd1306 LED display on the i2c bus .
A non-volatile integer counter with a calculation result from 0.00 to 4294967000.00. The result of the calculations is converted into a 32-bit unsigned integer, represented as four bytes. The result of the calculations is recorded in the eeprom by a signal from the voltage monitoring port. After resuming the voltage on the chip, the eeprom is read first, followed by further calculations. The resulting number can be further used in subsequent calculations or displayed on the LCD.
2024-01-16 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2024-01-18