Sensirion SFM3x00 series flow meter. Supported devices include SFM3200, SFM3300 and SFM3400. Wraps a modified version of This is a work in progress. I do not have the device so have not been able to perform any testing.
2020-09-06 ⋯ 6 versions ⋯ 2020-09-19
Reads analog signal value from ADC port. Does not check if port is a valid analog port. Arduino Unos with DIP ICs typically only have six analog ports broken out to headers: A0-A5. SMD Unos (such as the Grove Beginner Kit) also have headers for ports A6 and A7, however the function isValidAnalogPort does not consider A6 and A7 to be valid ports and so the inbuilt analog-read node cannot be used with these ports. This library provides an alternative analog-read node which doesn't check if the analog port is valid.
2020-09-16 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2020-09-16
DS18B20 digital temperature sensor. Enables use of multiple DS18B20 devices on a single one-wire bus. Wraps and
2020-09-11 ⋯ 4 versions ⋯ 2020-09-15
SI1145 UV/IR/Visible Light Sensor. Wraps
2020-08-28 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2020-08-28
LIS3DH triaxial accelerometer. Wraps Datasheet: This library was tested on a LIS3DHTR.
Arduino library for OLED displays driven by the SSD1306 chip. Communication via I2C. Wraps Adafruit_SSD1306 (
2019-03-07 ⋯ 6 versions ⋯ 2020-06-16
Library for Nextion displays. Wraps Athanasios Seitanis's Easy Nextion Library ( This is a work in progress. Not all methods in the Easy Nextion Library have corresponding action nodes in this library.
TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor. Wraps Datasheet:
2020-05-17 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2020-05-17
BMP280 barometric pressure and temperature sensor. Wraps Datasheet:
Node for writing to ViSi-Genie scope object. Node has a DONE pulse output to facilitate chaining writes. Minor extension to gabbapeople/4d-ulcd and bradzilla84/visi-genie-extra-library.
2020-04-29 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2020-04-29
Precision I²C temperature sensor. Arduino library for the MCP9808 sensor ( Wraps Device datasheet:
2020-04-20 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2020-04-20
CO2, relative humidity and temperature sensor. Arduino library for the Sensirion SCD30 sensor module ( Wraps a modified version of the SparkFun SCD30 Arduino Library (
2019-04-20 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2019-11-17
Library for generating composite video on Arduino. Wraps Arduino-TVout ( Information on hardware connections can be found here:
2019-11-16 ⋯ 3 versions ⋯ 2019-11-16
Arduino library for 433MHz RF transmitter and receiver modules. Wraps the RH_ASK driver from the RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors (
2019-10-23 ⋯ 3 versions ⋯ 2019-10-28
Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. Arduino library for the ST VL53L0X sensor ( Wraps the Pololu VL43L0X library for Arduino (
2019-08-11 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2019-08-11
Pulse-oximeter. Arduino library for the MAX30102 ( Wraps the SparkFun MAX3010x sensor library ( written by Nathan Seidle and Peter Jansen. This XOD library is a work in progress - a node for measuring oxygen saturation will be added soon.
Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. Arduino library for the ST VL53L1X sensor ( Wraps the Pololu VL43L1X library for Arduino (
Micropressure sensor. Arduino library for the Adafruit_MPRLS micropressure sensor. Wraps a modified version of:
2019-05-15 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2019-05-16
Absolute orientation sensor. Arduino library for the BNO055 breakout ( Wraps Adafruit Unified BNO055 Driver (
2019-01-31 ⋯ 4 versions ⋯ 2019-02-06