License: AGPL-3.0

Hardware drivers for popular and simple peripherals
Reads acceleration from an ADXL335 based sensor. Note that concrete ADXL335 instances differ from each other and their output should be adjusted for precise mesearument. By default the values are coarse although reasonable enough to determine shaking and approximate orientation. For an ideally factored accelerometer the outputs are in range ±3ɡ. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Reads analog signal value from analog sensor. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Represents a sensor which carries its signal through a single pin and is either high or low. The switches are expected to be instant, without bouncing involved (e.g., a binary line sensor, capacitive touch sensor, pyroelectric infrared motion sensor).
Reads a generic button or another mechanical switch. It is expected that the button is low while pressed, the on-board pull-up resistor is enabled if possible. The node provides signal debounce with 20 ms settle delay. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Reads temperature from a DS18B20 sensor. Expects single-drop bus setup, i.e. one thermometer on a port. Possible errors: — Invalid port — Initialization sequence error
Drives a DC motor through H-Bridge IC such as L293 or L298. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Drives a generic single color dimmable LED. The conversion between luminance and LED power is biased so that change in brightness on range 0…1 is percepted more or less uniformly by a human. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Reads values from a generic potentiometer. Basically a thin wrapper around `analog-input` for a simpler learning experience. Possible errors: — Invalid port
Represents a switch which suffers from bouncing when engaged or disengaged (e.g., reed switch, push-button, mercury switch, bumper switch, rocker switch).
Drives a generic relay module.
Represents some actuator connected directly to a pin or through a BJT/FET/SSR which supports PWM power adjustment (e.g. a pump, fan, DC motor, or lamp)
Appends lines of text to a file on SD card. Possible errors: — Can't open a file — Initialization failed or no SD card — Can't write data to SD card
Drives a digital thermometer based on TMP36 IC. Possible errors: — Invalid port