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Note This is a web-version of a tutorial chapter embedded right into the XOD IDE. To get a better learning experience we recommend to install the desktop IDE or start the browser-based IDE, and you’ll see the same tutorial there.


Screenshot of 004-patching

You guessed correctly, you may add nodes and link them to build brand new programs and improve existing ones.

Exercise #

Let’s extend our counting program so that we’ll have two independent counters.

  1. Double-click on some empty space on the patch; the suggester line will appear.
  2. Start typing “clock” into it and press Enter once you see xod/core/clock.
  3. A new clock node will appear where you have double-clicked.
  4. Move the node around by dragging it.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add count and watch nodes.
  6. Create a link between clock’s TICK pin and count’s INC pin by clicking on one pin, then the other.
  7. Create a link between count’s output pin and watch’s input pin.

Run the simulation to see how the counters work in parallel. Try to set different IVAL parameters and see how it changes the behavior.

👆 Ways to add node #

Alternatively to double-clicking you can also press the “I” key or hit Edit → Insert Node.

If you don’t remember the name of a node, try to find it in Project Browser. Once you spot it there, drag’n’drop the item to the patch board or hit Place in its context menu.

👆 Copy/paste #

Another way of duplicating a group of nodes and links is selecting them by drawing a frame around to select multiple nodes at once and then copy/paste using the Edit menu or keyboard shortcuts traditional for your OS.

If you draw the selection frame from left to right, a node is selected only if fits inside completely; if you draw from right to left, the nodes which intersect the frame are also selected.

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