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Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

For shortcuts the following convention is used:

  • C — platform-neutral keyboard input;
  • Ctrl+C — PC-only keyboard input;
  • ⌘ C — Mac-only keyboard input;
  • Click — mouse input.

Project management #

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+N | ⌘ N New patch
Ctrl+Shift+N | ⇧⌘ N New project
Ctrl+S | ⌘ S Save project
Ctrl+Shift+S | ⇧⌘ S Save As...
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S | ⇧⌘⌥ S Save Copy As...
Ctrl+O | ⌘ O Open project

Patch editing #

The shortcuts in the table below are active when the patch board is in focus.

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+C | ⌘ C Copy selected entities (nodes, links, comments) to the clipboard
Ctrl+X | ⌘ X Cut selected entities to the clipboard
Ctrl+V | ⌘ V Paste from the clipboard
Ctrl+A | ⌘ A Select all entities on the patch
Ctrl+Z | ⌘ Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Shift+Z | ⇧⌘ Z Redo the action undone
Delete | Backspace | Delete selected entities
Escape Select none
Middle + Drag | Space+Left + Drag Pan the patch board
I | Double-click Insert a node (invoke the quick search)
B Convert selected links to buses
Or quickly create a new bus node at the cursor position while linking

Project browser #

Shortcut Action
Drag-n-drop Add a node to the patch
Double-click Open the node as a patch in new tab

View #

Shortcut Action
H Toggle the help bar
Home Pan to Origin
Ctrl+Home | ⌘ Home Pan to Center
Ctrl+Shift+= | ⌘ + Zoom in
Ctrl+- | ⌘ - Zoom out
Ctrl+0 | ⌘ 0 Default zoom
Ctrl+Shift+I | ⌥⌘ I Open Electron/Browser developer tools
Ctrl+H Toggle Redux developer tools (development builds only)
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