Solar water heat collection, 4 tank storage with pwm pump controls for Heat exchanger between Glycol side and Potable water side
alarmNo description
averageNo description
mainNo description
delta15-load-vs-sourceNo description
temp1 output temp of collector coil temp2 glycol holding tank aka input temp of coil Mindif low cutoff temp differential Smin low end of value in, start of ramp Smax high end of ramp Tmin min out to start circpump Tmax max % of pump duty
valve-selector-1yes-3noNo description
A find the coldest storage tank. B find highest of sources C compare B=> A
tank-selectorNo description
To use the nodes in your project you should have the b1burner/solar-hotwater-controls library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.