License: GPL

This is an extention to the fine work of gabbapeople's ViSi Genie Library and will install it automaticly allong with ALL the ViSi Genie Objects (some Blocks still need to be tested)
exampleNo description
int-filteredNo description
listNo description
read-4d-buttonNo description
read-angular-meterNo description
read-ani-buttonNo description
read-anibuttonNo description
This is the 2 byte value that is used in the message transmissions to and from the host. For this object the Value represents the 16 bit color value in 565 format (5bits of Red, 6 bits of Green, 5 bits of Blue).
read-cool-gaugeNo description
read-custom-digitsNo description
read-gaugeNo description
read-keyboardNo description
read-ledNo description
read-led-digitsNo description
read-meterNo description
read-pin-inputNo description
Returns the number of blocks left to play.
read-spectrumNo description
read-string-preNo description
read-tankNo description
read-thermometerNo description
read-user-buttonNo description
read-user-imagesNo description
read-user-ledNo description
read-videoNo description
testingNo description
Most Picaso display modules can only have a value of 1 or 0 (on or off) for contrast. The uLCD-43P/PT/PCT modules and Diablo16 display modules, however, support contrast values from 0 to 15, which makes power saving possible
write-dip-switchNo description
write-formNo description
write-gaugeNo description
write-knobNo description
write-pin-outputNo description
write-rocker-switchNo description
write-rotaty-switchNo description
write-scopeNo description
write-sliderNo description
Continue Sound
Pause Sound
Play wav file (n) Ps. There can be only one sound object.
Stop Sound
Set Volume (n) (0-100)
write-spectrumNo description
Displaying a dynamically created ASCII text string.
Displaying a predefined strings object created in the Workshop IDE
write-thermometerNo description
Write 1 to Start Timer. Write 0 to Stop Timer. Write 0 TWICE to Reset Timer.
write-trackbarNo description
write-user-imagesNo description
Note 1: To use the video object as a video player, the Timer object must be used. Each click of the timer will increment to the next frame of the video. Note 2: The video object can be used as a slideshow. Compile all the separate images to a GIF file. A slider or a button can then be used to sequence thru the images as frames.
write-winbuttonNo description
To use the nodes in your project you should have the bradzilla84/visi-genie-extra-library library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.