License: GPL

sequence block that can crate simple sequences of bit patterns. Two examples of clock driven sequences, and one of a sequences with internally defined delays. Main gives an example of how to use the sequence to build a control of two traffic lights
Example of how the 5-state-sequence-delay block can be used to make a two trafic light esquence
3-state-sequenceNo description
Create a sequence of bit pasterns on three boolean outputs. Can be sues to create for example a sequence of LED's
5 state sequence delay block creates an automatic sequence of 5 states, with defined delays for each state. the sequence is started by the Std input. The ST0 - St5 inputs define the bitpattents on the outputs for each state
To use the nodes in your project you should have the erikjanlaret/sequencer2 library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.