License: laurapxl

u get closer and the leds will blink more and if u touch the cylinder the leds will be brighter in fade
003-inspectorNo description
001-helloNo description
004-patchingNo description
006-helpNo description
007-booleansNo description
005-tweaksNo description
008-variadicsNo description
009-pulsesNo description
010-flip-flopNo description
011-branchingNo description
013-custom-typesNo description
100-hardwareNo description
014-internet-tetheringNo description
012-stringsNo description
015-xod-cloud-feedsNo description
101-uploadNo description
104-buttonNo description
102-interactiveNo description
103-ledNo description
105-potNo description
106-servoNo description
107-manipulatorNo description
109-thermometerNo description
110-ldrNo description
111-feed-messagingNo description
108-text-lcdNo description
200-patternsNo description
201-matching-rangesNo description
202-alarmNo description
112-standalone-internetNo description
203-permanent-alarmNo description
204-run-for-x-secondsNo description
205-loopsNo description
207-busesNo description
208-accumulatorNo description
206-fadeNo description
209-slow-downNo description
211-units-of-measureNo description
302-check-your-new-patchNo description
210-string-formattingNo description
300-creating-nodesNo description
301-create-new-patchNo description
304-use-new-nodeNo description
303-add-terminalsNo description
Checks whether a number falls inside the range specified
999-the-endNo description
306-next-stepsNo description
ultrasonicsensorNo description
main-copyNo description
cylinder-led-button-ultrasonicNo description
To use the nodes in your project you should have the laurapxl/cylinderproject library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.