License: GPL

A library of code used for training on XOD at
Prepares input numbers for display on the seven-segment display. Rescales values and calculates where to show the decimal point and negative sign. Acceptable input values -999 to 9999
used to provide a button select (as in the Arduino LCD shield) by reading the voltage on an analog port.
A wrapper around the tone command for Arduino. It allows to use the buzzer on the Ks0183 keyestudio Multi-purpose Shield V1
This node allows to use the buzzer on the Ks0183 keyestudio Multi-purpose Shield V1 Like the buzzer, It is just a wrapper around the tone command for Arduino, but it requires a pulse input and the buzzer only emits a beep for the duration of T seconds.
Like the buzzer node, but it also allows for a timed action. A pulse on the SET pin will produce a sound for a time T. It can still be operated continuously using the EN pin. It somehow integrates the two versions of the tone function in Arduino. Default freq. is 440 Hz, default time is 1 sec
Counts between MIN and MAX (included), with steps ov STEP. If count goes out of range it wraps around.
Counts from 0 to N -1 then resets and starts again. Each step taks T seconds
count-to-tenNo description
double-gated-blueNo description
double-gated-greenNo description
double-gated-redNo description
double-gated-yellowNo description
If the number is < 10, adds a 0 in front. Used for diplaying times and dates.
gated-blueNo description
gated-greenNo description
gated-redNo description
led-blueNo description
led-greenNo description
led-redNo description
led-rgbNo description
The output goes high only after the input stays high for some time T. It will go back to low when the input signal goes low.
minNo description
select-decimal-pointNo description
Driver for 7-segment display. It supports numbers 0-9999, decimal point position and negative sign.
Correctly display floating numbers between -999 and +9999, with automatic position of decimal point and negative sign
seven-segment-display-xod-develNo description
A single-digit seven-segment (plus decimal dot) display. Can be used with active-high or active-low devices
test-buzzerNo description
test-buzzer-continuousNo description
test-yellowpotsNo description
Same as the buttons node from the dox/lcd-button-shield, but using the analog-read node. Recognises the button pressed in a Arduino ldc shield.
To use the nodes in your project you should have the marcoaita/malibrary library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.