License: GNU General Public License, version 2

Arduino library for 433MHz RF transmitter and receiver modules. Wraps the RH_ASK driver from the RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors (https://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/RadioHead/).
Create a 433-rf-device. Can be used as transmitter or receiver. Arduino will use pin 12 to send data to the transmitter and pin 11 to get data from the receiver.
Receive a message as a string. Pin 11 of the Arduino should be connected to the data pin of the receiver.
Transmit a string using 433-rf-device. Pin 12 of Arduino should be connected to the data pin of the transmitter.
Simple test of receiver. Should be paired with example1-transmitter. Run this patch in debug mode on the Arduino connected to the receiver. Watch nodes will be updated with the latest message received and the number of messages received.
Simple test of transmitter. Should be paired with example1-receiver. Upload this patch to the Arduino connected to the transmitter. The message "Hello world!" will be repeatedly transmitted at a frequency specified by the clock node.
Reception of sensor data. Should be paired with example2-transmitter. Each message received is a string comprising three measurements in comma-separeted format. Each of the three measurements are extracted from the message string and reformatted for display on an LCD screen.
Transmission of sensor data. Should be paired with example2-receiver. Three measurements from the sensor are formatted as a comma-separated string prior to transmission.
Test of reception of messages of different lengths. Should be paired with example3-transmitter. Each message received is displayed on lower line of LCD.
Test of transmission of messages of different lengths. Should be paired with example3-receiver.
Splits string based on specified delimiter character. Corrected version of gabbapeople/uart-led-control/parse-tabular. In the original the name of the output in code (output_PRT) didn't match the name of the output pin (OUT).
Convert string to number
Transmit potentiometer value. Should be paired with example4-receiver.
Set luminance of LED to value received by 433-rf-device. Should be paired with example4-transmitter. String received by 433-rf-device is converted to a number, which is fed into the LUM pin of the dimmable LED.
To use the nodes in your project you should have the wayland/433mhz-rf-module library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.