License: BSD

X27-589 automotive gauge. Work in progress. Wraps Guy Carpenter's SwitecX25 arduino library (https://github.com/clearwater/SwitecX25).
Demonstration of non-blocking updates. On startup gauge will be set to zero. Then gauge can be controlled using a potentiometer (analog-read).
Demonstration of blocking updates. On startup gauge will be set to zero. The needle of the gauge will then cycle through the following positions: middle, maximum, minimum.
Asynchronous non-blocking update of gauge. It does NOT move the motor to the target position, it advances the motor at most just one step toward the target position. Send a pulse to UPD as often as possible. The advantage of this node over the update-blocking node is that you can control many gauges simultanously, and you wont have long periods of inactivity (and potentially missed I/O events) while your motor is moving.
Set gauge to zero position. Slow, blocking operation.
Move the motor smoothly to the position specified by the set-position node. All other actions are blocked until the motor has reached its target position.
Create an X27-589 device.
Change the target position of the motor.
To use the nodes in your project you should have the wayland/x27-589-gauge library installed. Use the “File → Add Library” menu item in XOD IDE if you don’t have it yet. See Using libraries for more info.