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XOD Documentation


For video lovers

XOD Channel
3 episodes, ~5m each
DroneBot Workshop
2 episodes, ~50m each
Mert Arduino and Tech
8 episodes, ~5m each
4 episodes, ~15m each

Concepts — XOD language objects and processes described in detail.

Making your own nodes — the most straightforward way to extend XOD and add support for new hardware.

Case studies — how-to’s for common scenarios.

Projects and libraries — creating, managing, and sharing your works.

Complete devices done with XOD

Energy Cost Electrical Meter Device
Instructables article by Max Danilin
Smart Garage Model with Blynk
Toy building automation using Bluetooth, phone, and Blynk app by Max Danilin
IoT Split-flap weather forecast
Instructables article by Max Danilin
Automatic Trash Bin
YouTube video by Alex Gyver
Automatic Air Humidifier
YouTube video by Alex Gyver
Self-Driving Robot
Article series ( 1,2,3,4 ) by Tommy Warner
Rechargeable Solar Lamp
Instructables article by Victorian DeLorean


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