General Utilities. Latest addition are string-queue, sub-string, and speed-counter
2018-02-22 ⋯ 30 versions ⋯ 2024-06-10
Copy of std Ultrasonic range, but returns Max distance on failure so we can assume nothing close to us. My sensor seems to go low on ping capture, not success, so I changed timeout to max round trip to get full range.
2018-03-30 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2024-03-07
Update LCD display on I2C. Specify Columns and Rows. Init pin can be used to prevent extra clear displays. Passing null string for a Line will leave the line untouched; space will clear a line. Variadic pins for rows of text to display.
2018-01-22 ⋯ 6 versions ⋯ 2021-02-01
Read IR remote
2018-02-22 ⋯ 7 versions ⋯ 2020-04-14
Add read-temp node to list of ds-rtc nodes provided in xod-dev
2020-04-01 ⋯ 4 versions ⋯ 2020-04-03
The next step in your learning once you understand the simple traffic light example provided in the XOD documentation. Updated for XOD 0.32.1; added mutex, bus, and jumper examples.
2018-01-23 ⋯ 7 versions ⋯ 2020-01-01
Expanded h-bridge node to handle h-bridge with 2 direction pins for a single motor. - Updated for XOD 0.31.x
2018-01-23 ⋯ 2 versions ⋯ 2019-10-21
Enhanced servo implementations to detach servo and allow it to free-wheel (or allow other nodes to control the servo)
2018-01-22 ⋯ 4 versions ⋯ 2018-02-12